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Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Multi-Device

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Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device 2017

The Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Multi-Device bundle is unmatched in the security of Windows PCs. Securing Mac systems and mobile devices works adequately. We highlight some of the numerous characteristics and you’ll see why Total Security 2017 of Kaspersky is a good purchase.

In short

  • Superior and advanced antivirus and anti-phishing functions
  • Despite multi-device character, strongly focused on Windows PCs
  • Extensive function parental supervision, not controlled remotely
  • Smart firewall does self-management

Truly one of the best

Good internet security is mostly about: antivirus, firewall, spam filters and parental supervision. To cut right through the chase: Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Multi-Device executes these nearly perfectly. From various independent tests this package scores 100%.

Some highlights: Kaspersky’s anti-phishing filter prevents unauthorised access to sensitive and personal data. The spam filter works properly and silently. The virus scanner also does not form an impediment to the system speed. With parental supervision you can have your whole family using the internet without a care. You do manage the function from the PC and not mobile, like for some other packages.

Multi-device security, but not equivalent

Now that users possess more differing devices and platforms allowing them to go on the internet, the security is also changing. The demand for one single package for all systems is answered by Kaspersky with the multi-device bundle for PC, Mac and Android.

Of the three the software for Windows PCs stands out easily. For the Mac, the bundle limits itself to basic functions like antivirus and parental supervision. That makes the antivirus package not completely equivalent.

Intelligent firewall

Originally a properly working firewall could hardly be called smart. Users were constantly bombarded with questions whether or not to allow internet access for certain programs.

Fortunately, Kaspersky’s firewall takes these decisions on its own. The firewall classifies applications on reliability and assigns authorisations: from complete to no access whatsoever. This works excellently. Attacks from the outside are also fended off effortlessly. You will hardly notice much of this: the firewall hardly has impact on the performances and will let you work on or enjoy in peace.



  • Superior virus scanner and internet security
  • Clear and user friendly interface
  • Smart firewall
  • Accurate spam filter


  • Because of unequal multi-device support, relatively expensive
  • Parental supervision only controllable locally

On the most important aspects of internet security Kaspersky Total Security 2017 Multi-Device scores perfectly. Although the Windows user has got the edge.

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