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McAfee Total Protection 2018

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Stability and reliability

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McAfee Total Protection 2018

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Review McAfee Total Protection 2018

For those who are looking for a comprehensive security suite for the whole family, McAfee offers the Total Protection package. As most modern families have multiple devices with different operating systems, it is possible to use McAfee Total Protection for Windows as well as Android or MacOS. This makes it possible to install the antivirus software on your computer, smartphone and tablet. What does McAfee Total Protection protect against and what are the extensive features offered by this package?

In short

  • Extensive antivirus options
  • 5 licenses password manager
  • Destroying files
  • Encrypting files
  • For Windows, MacOS and Android


  • Password manager with facial recognition
  • File encryption


  • No Secure Cloud Storage (McAfee LiveSafe)
  • No Vulnerability Scanner

McAfee total protection discount

Promo Prices: (6th April / 12th April)
* 1 Year Total Protection = £39.99
* 2 Year Total Protection = £99.99 (Full Price: £159.00)
This make the offer a £60 discount plus £40 cashback, which is £100 of savings!

Reliable virus scanner

Like McAfee’s other antivirus software, Total Protection offers a reliable antivirus that detects and removes malware such as viruses, spyware and ransomware. The real-time protection also ensures that malware and other dangers are immediately blocked and therefore have no chance to nest.

The WebAdvisor warns you about dangerous websites while surfing, so you never fall victim to phishing. Furthermore, downloads are immediately scanned, and it checks whether your firewall and antivirus are activated. When files you are downloading show suspicious behaviour or contain known malware, you will receive an immediate warning.

Destroying Files

Dragging and deleting a file to the recycle bin is not enough to permanently destroy it. It is relatively easy for cyber ​​criminals to retrieve files that you think you deleted. That is why McAfee Total Protection offers the so-called McAfee Shredder. This allows you to destroy files permanently, so sensitive data can never fall into the hands of anyone for whom they are not intended. Perfect for deleting files with private data such as a copy of your ID, financial documents and other personal files.

Password manager

Incidentally, McAfee’s lower-priced Internet Security also offers a solid antivirus and the possibility to destroy files. Why is it still worth choosing Total Protection? McAfee offers an advanced password manager. This allows you to save all your passwords. These are automatically filled in for you as soon as you have identified yourself by means of, for example, your face or your fingerprint. McAfee Internet Security only offers one license for this McAfee True Key, which only one person can use. With McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe, you will immediately receive five licenses for the use of the password manager. Very useful if you need the antivirus software for your whole family.

File encryption

In addition, McAfee Total Protection has the ability to encrypt files. You can store sensitive files and provide them with encryption (McAfee File Lock). As soon as someone wants to open the files, the password must be entered first. This will prevent malicious people from being able to steal or hijack your files.


McAfee Total Protection 2018  is especially effective when used with several people. You can protect all your devices, either PC or Mac, smartphone or tablet. The package offers the options you can expect from a Total Protection package. Especially its password manager and File Lock are useful additions. It is therefore recommended as one of the best antivirus for consumers.

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