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Best Internet Security 2017 (Windows)

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BullGuard Internet Security 2018Norton Security PremiumBitdefender Internet Security 2018Panda Internet Security 2016Kaspersky Internet Security 2016Trend Micro Internet SecurityMcAfee LiveSafe 2016G Data Totaal Protection
The lowest price:
59,95 €59,99 €59,95 €38,33 €74,95 €41,96 €89,95 €69,95 €
Number of Computers:
License 310313333
Security score:
Protection score 99%99%99%98%98%98%97%97%
Various Functions:
2-way Firewall
Bootable USB stick/CD/DVD
File destruction
Link scanner
Online backup
Parental supervision
Password safe
Quick scan
Theft prevention
Virtual keyboard
Help & Support:
Telephone Support
Live Chat
Operating systems:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
AV-Test Certificates
Performance Test – Advanced+
Virus Bulletin 100 Award

Internet security test January 2017 for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Every year antivirus companies come with new security versions. The focus of an internet security package comes more and more down, for PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, on ready-made security solutions. TopReviews has examined 17 internet security packages in the last week and extensively tested them for antivirus protection, user convenience, possibilities, stability and reliability of the security package.

In the text above we only tested internet security packages. If you are looking for a good virus scanner, in other words an antivirus scanner without extra functions, such as parental supervision, password safe etc., then we recommend that you look at this virus scanner test. Here you will find at a glance what the best antivirus of this moment is.

Test method

Seventeen companies sent their newest version. We installed the packages on both Windows 7/8 and on the newest Windows version 10. In the test we included various points such as user convenience, the possibilities and the stability. To test the security and reliability various dangerous and possible hazardous websites were visited. In addition, we included the test results of the virus scanner test.

The test overview looks as follows: (Internet security)

  1. Norton Security Premium 2017
  2. BullGuard Internet Security 2018
  3. Bitdefender Internet Security 2018
  4. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017
  5. Panda Internet Security 2017
  6. Trend Micro Internet Security 10
  7. McAfee LiveSafe 2017
  8. G Data Totaal Protection 2017
  9. ESET Smart Security 2017
  10. F-Secure Safe 2017

New Trends

It used to be the case that a virus scanner developer could still get away with just a good virus protection for the computer. Nowadays you see more and more large antivirus companies that focus themselves on total solutions. You purchase a year license for the security of all of your computer(s), tablet(s) and smartphone(s). This way your entire family is provided with security software.

Because the programs are installed on different systems, the synchronisation of functions is obvious. This synchronisation will ensure that more and more internet security packages exchange mutual data. Passwords and personal files are therefore accessible, at your home, at different devices. In addition, more and more antivirus companies move to cloud solutions and offer online backup possibilities there.

Subscription version

The time when you purchased an antivirus package as a one-off is as good as over. To be able to use the software the security packages come in a kind of subscription version these days. The software is usually valid for 1 year, after that the software needs to be purchased for a new year. If the year is over most packages can still be used, however, they are no longer supplied with new virus definition files. In the course of time you will have to update the package because otherwise you will no longer be protected from the latest threats.

Every year the packages return with extra functions. The packages are becoming better and more stable.

If you opt for a new package then you always need to properly remove the old package from your computer. If this does not happen then both packages can see each other as a threat. This will drastically slow down the system. In addition, the new package cannot be installed properly/completely and will therefore run unstable on your computer.